Hybrid autonomous REWE store in central Berlin

Michael Gabay

Michael Gabay

Chief Executive Officer

9 November 2022

I am excited to announce that we are live with the latest Trigo-powered store with REWE in the central Berlin neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg. This neighborhood is known as one of Berlin’s rapidly growing districts, filled with many attractions that create a unique mix of day and nightlife, making it a must-visit destination for tourists traveling to Germany’s capital.

Following the success of REWE’s first store in Cologne, this Berlin location is nearly double the size at around 400 square meters and showcases many exciting use cases for autonomous store tech. This larger store provides a true supermarket experience for ‘Pick&Go’ shoppers, supporting additional offerings, such as promotional baskets, bulk items like beer crates, and non-food products, such as pans, kitchen utensils, and toiletries. 

We worked closely with REWE to integrate with IoT devices to provide ‘Pick&Go’ shoppers with the full REWE shopping experience. The Berlin store will feature a smart scale that enables frictionless checkout shoppers to buy produce by weight for the first time in REWE’s autonomous stores. In a first for Trigo – this store will support bottle recycling deposit machines, for which, together with our partners at REWE, we developed a solution specific to the hybrid model to differentiate between traditional and ‘Pick&Go’ shoppers.

Most importantly, this store marks a technological and commercial milestone for Trigo – it boasts the largest number of SKUs in a store we have opened yet. One of the key challenges in building increasingly larger stores is to support significantly more SKUs. At an impressive 10,000 SKUs, the REWE Berlin store demonstrates our significant progress in building increasingly larger stores.