Same store.
Same products.
Same layout.
Seamless checkout.

EasyOut® delivers a superior shopping experience by enabling shoppers to simply walk into the store, select the items they want, and walk out without stopping at the checkout.

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Real time receipt. Instantly, before leaving the store.

EasyOut® enables seamless payment for everyone, via the retailer's app, mobile wallet, card, or cash.
Built for adoption, supporting all payment choices.

  • EasyOut® App
  • EasyOut® Tap
  • EasyOut® Station
  • Retailer's app
  • QR Code
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Real-time receipt NEW

EasyOut® App

Embed EasyOut® into your existing retail mobile app to enable shoppers to scan their QR codes to automatically pay, get receipts, and exit the store.
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  • Terminal
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Real-time receipt NEW

EasyOut® Tap

Shoppers can simply tap their cards at the EasyOut tap kiosks as they exit the store and receive a digital receipt.
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  • Self-checkout
  • Kiosk
  • Traditional POS
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Real-time receipt NEW

EasyOut® Station

New EasyOut® Station generates shoppers’ receipts in real time while utilizing your existing self checkout tills. Shoppers can pay via mobile, card, or cash.
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  • 2,800,398 Generated shopping lists
  • +13% Customer spend uplift
  • 99% Accuracy
  • -70% Shrink reduction


How it works: a solution planned around your store

We transform existing stores of all sizes into fully autonomous digital stores with minimal intervention in store layout and no limitation on product range.

Cameras and shelf sensors

Track shoppers’ movement and product interaction without capturing identifiable data

Computer vision algorithms

Process the anonymized data to deliver conclusions on shoppers' product choices

Proprietary 3D engine and modelling

Products are added or removed from shoppers’ virtual basket as they move through the store
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Store automation that delivers store information

The computer vision technology behind EasyOut generates a digital twin of your store to capture shoppers’ movements and product interactions. It also delivers real time data insights that unlocks efficiencies.

Powerful reports

Real time data reports enrich your field of vision and inform real time decisions that lift revenue and optimize operations.

Store traffic

Comparative data on shopper volume per hour, in-store footfall, and the density of different store areas.

Shopper behaviour

Data on conversion and basket abandonment, dwell time, basket size, and time spent shopping.

Product insights

Insights on the outcomes of different brands and products, including products taken and replaced prior to purchase.
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Why Trigo: More flexibility, more accuracy

Delivering the right solution for tier 1 retailers with best in class technology

Retrofit existing stores

Retrofit existing stores

Trigo converts existing stores of all sizes into smart digital stores with minimal intervention in store layout and no limitation on product range.
Real-time experience

Real-time experience

Trigo’s automated system can generate baskets in real time and deliver receipts before shoppers leave the store.

Vetted by tier-1 retailers

Trigo is the chosen tech provider by tier-1 grocery retailers to lift revenue, optimize operations, and offer better shopping experiences.
Multi-format support

Multi-format support

Trigo supports a wide range of store formats including express, discount, and supermarkets with simple installation to quickly achieve scale.
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Revenue lift, cost-cutting, and better shopper experience

Competitive in-store experience

Removing checkout queues drives shopper satisfaction and promotes customer loyalty

Less shrinkage

Shopper-tracking technology prevents theft while real-time in-store data reduces spoilage

Comprehensive data

Shopper behavior insights that drive better product range, promotions, planograms, and more

Less out-of-stock

Better stock visibility and predictive stock management powered by computer vision tech

More store space

Eliminating cash registers frees up valuable space for additional products and promotional activities

Flexible staffing

Eliminating manual checkout processes gives staff more time to enhance shopper experience
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Privacy and security: core principles

Our privacy-by-design solution supports a 100% secure shopping experience. We do not capture any personal identifiable information and are fully compliant with the most advanced data protection controls.

Extensive security

Extensive security

We regularly strengthen our infrastructure and are backed by world-class security routines and professionals to ensure the highest security level across all critical company assets.
Privacy by design

Privacy by design

Trigo employs a cross-functional team to verify that current and future products and services are always designed, developed, and deployed with privacy by design controls.

ISO/IEC 27001

Trigo is certified to meet the highest international standards of information security management.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Trigo EasyOut®-powered shopping?

Trigo’s EasyOut® offers your shoppers a variety of completely seamless checkout experiences: Shoppers walk into the store, pick up their products, and walk out without needing to stop at the till. We offer 3 EasyOut® experiences:

EasyOut® Tap: To checkout, shoppers can simply tap a card or digital wallet at the door and receive their receipt in minutes

EasyOut® App: Shoppers scan the retailer’s app to enjoy special offers and loyalty program benefits

EasyOut® Station: Trigo-powered real-time self-checkout to pay cash or credit

What kind of company is Trigo?

Trigo is a computer vision company. We leverage input from vision and weight sensors to create a digital twin of your brick-and-mortar store. In it, we capture and analyze in-store journeys to enable frictionless checkout experiences and deliver insights that help you optimize store operations and drive revenue. Our technology is deployed across global retail leaders, including Tesco, Rewe, Aldi, the Edeka group, Auchan, and Wakefern.

Trigo is the only store automation provider to fully retrofit existing stores. Our solution is designed to support stores of all sizes, convenience to hypermarket, plus unlimited SKUs, and we do it with the highest level of accuracy, 99%. Trigo is also the first to deliver real-time receipts so your shoppers can review their baskets before they leave the store.

What are the costs and when will I see ROI?

Our pricing is dependent on factors such as store size. The pricing scheme is based on a one-time fee covering hardware cost, plus an ongoing monthly software fee.
Retailers who partner with Trigo achieve ROI within 2-3 years (depending on the number and size of stores deployed) based on the following revenue and cost-cutting streams:

Increased CLV (via customer retention, visit frequency, zero cart abandonment, loyalty programs, etc.)

Workforce optimization and reduced spending on low-impact, high-churn jobs.

Reduced shrink.

Fewer out-of-stock incidents, better product range, and less waste.

Optimized store layout and planogram based on shopper journey data.

Repurposing of checkout space for revenue-driving activities and reduced spending on traditional checkout systems.

How long does it take to retrofit a store?

Trigo's installation and implementation process typically takes a few weeks and is dependent on factors such as store size and the number of SKUs.

The process involves planning, installation of sensors, software deployment, and beta testing. We will train your contractors and hardware specialists, configure and deploy our system, and provide a dashboard to track system performance and insights. Hardware installation is carried out outside of store operating hours.

What about privacy?

Trigo adheres to the strictest privacy rules and regulations and has been vetted numerous times by GDPR privacy experts. Our solution contains various privacy-by-design measures. We do not collect or retain any direct identifiers. We blur the faces of all persons captured in images that are uploaded to the cloud. We use industry-standard encryption measures.
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