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EasyOut™ opens new paths to delight shoppers and ensure a superior shopping experience. Shoppers simply walk into a store, select the items they want, and walk out without stopping at the checkout.

Why EasyOut™

Superior user experience

Enabling a natural experience for every shopper.

Exceptional accuracy

Built to provide complete reliability even in extremely crowded environments.

Simple hardware

Operating from a basic off-the-shelf sensor package.

Minimal adjustments

Capable of converting existing stores in a matter of days.

How it works

Embedded into your existing app

The EasyOut™ technology can be embedded into your existing retail mobile app, providing your shoppers with an immersive brand experience.

Fused into the heart of your business

Trigo applies its proprietary algorithms to ceiling-mounted cameras which automatically crunch and analyze anonymized data on shoppers' journeys and product choices.

Walk in

Shoppers simply walk into the store, while Trigo’s system tags them anonymously and follows their movements and product choices.


Shoppers simply pick up items the way they usually do, with no scanning needed. The system automatically detects when an item is picked up and identifies it.

Checking out by walking out

The system automatically compiles all items into a virtual shopping list, enabling shoppers to leave the store without stopping at the checkout.

Digitize your stores in no time

Get started right with our frictionless three steps installation process


Overnight installation

Trigo’s sensor package installs overnight so store hours are never disrupted.


Invisible learning

Trigo’s system learns shopper behaviour to adapt itself to the unique qualities of each store.


Go live

Instantly upgrade the shopping experience, with ongoing support from Trigo’s experts.

Fully Autonomous Tesco Grocery Store in Central London

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