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The Trigo platform has four building blocks to address retail fundamentals: posture analysis, shoppers’ interactions with products, product classification, and automatic data annotation.

These capabilities enable the Trigo system to identify accurately and automatically all of the complicated real-life interactions in a physical store and to monitor activity continuously, at scale.

On top of these building blocks, we envisage retail platforms with applications that will analyze and manage retail operations across shopper experience, revenue, efficiency, and marketing-oriented use cases.

Built for the future of retail

A platform that achieves the impossible


Designed to redefine shopper experience, marketing, and operations.


No queues, no lines, zero waiting, just seamless shopping.
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Track, analyze, and manage any shelf or product to provide enterprise-wide visibility and cost-to-serve data.
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Planogram Optimization

Manage the planogram and identify compliance gaps.
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In-store Analytics

Convert customer journeys into marketing opportunities by using actual shopping habits.
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Proximity Marketing

Shape buying decisions by approaching shoppers at the right place and time with highly relevant, personalized, and contextual content.
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Core buidling blocks to address retails fundamentals

Posture Analysis

Product Classification

In-store Interactions

Auto Data Creation


Patented capability to generate a full 3D model of the store

3D Modeling

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by our proprietary deep-learning and data-training algorithms

Why smart stores matter and why they matter now

Modernize your business

Delight shoppers

Provide a seamless, smart, intuitive grocery shopping experience.

Reformulate operations

Use technology to reduce shrinkage, optimize costs, improve inventory control, and achieve profitable growth.

Lead the change

Transform the grocery category with high-tech-powered and shopper-friendly physical stores.

Cash in on cross-retail value drivers

Our system generates meaningful business impact across the entire organization and redefines retailing across the whole value chain.

Cost reduction

Legacy systems optimization
Operational efficiencies

Revenue generation

Increased retail sales floor
Improved customer experience

Trigo design principles



We stretch tech barriers to make sure our products support a natural and privacy-driven shopping experience.



We utilize the most advanced AI and computer vision technology available in a retail-specific manner.



Like exiting an Uber, we eliminate any payment-related friction to provide a seamless and secure experience.
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