Auchan’s first Trigo-powered store features new tap-and-go experience

Product used
Live from
April 25, 2023
Croix, Lille Métropole, France
Store type
100% autonomous
Supported product lines
Fresh produce
Frozen food
Pre-packaged food
Age-restricted items (Alcohol)
Store size
925 square feet
We gathered the best new technology for Auchan Go le Lab, which is a condensed version of our hypermarket. Strategically located at our headquarters, with the new Auchan Go le Lab we will accelerate the future of retail.
Emilie Soleri Director of E-commerce & Digital, Auchan
$32 billion

Annual revenue







Auchan’s new retail innovation lab is Trigo’s 1st store in France!

Auchan’s corporate headquarters in Lille, France now features a 100% autonomous store. Operating within Auchan’s innovation complex, this new store is named Auchan Go le Lab, marking its key role in advancing retail technology and innovative store design. 

Innovation is in the DNA of Auchan, which has been experimenting with smart store formats for several years before choosing to partner with Trigo. One of the world’s largest retailers, Auchan operates more than 2,000 stores of all food retail formats, from hypermarkets and supermarkets to convenience stores and drive-throughs, in 13 countries across Europe and Asia. Auchan marks Trigo’s entry into the French market, which is rapidly moving towards an autonomous store revolution.

The first tap-and-go store

Auchan Go le Lab is the first store to enable a contactless tap-and-go experience where shoppers can tap their credit or debit card at the entrance gate. Previously, shoppers in Trigo-powered stores would download a retailer’s app or scan a QR code to enter the store. 

Stores located within corporate office environments offer unique opportunities, as well as challenges. While corporate shoppers are some of the most enthusiastic adopters of new technologies, they are also their sharpest critics, able to scrutinize even the slightest friction. An on-campus store is the perfect “laboratory” to test the smart store experience: assess the hardware and installation, test the technology in real-time, and explore new use cases. We believe an on-campus store is a great way to launch a relationship. 

Beyond its research value, an on-campus store delivers real value to employees: the convenience of being able to grab popular lunch items or pick up dinner essentials on their way home, all without the accumulated downtime caused by long lines. Auchan’s employees would now have access to a truly innovative and inspiring shopping experience.

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