Etisalat’s First 100% Autonomous Store Opens, Powered by Trigo and Amdocs

Product used
Live from
October 2023
Etisalat HQ, Dubai, Al Wasl Business Center, Etisalat Tower 2 - Sheikh Zayed Rd
Store type
100% autonomous
Supported use case
Push notifications in
Store size
926 sqft
Our new stores will set elevated standards for retail excellence and customer satisfaction. We are creating stores of the future that utilize our innovation, expertise and leadership to provide a superior shopping experience for our customers, and will serve as trailblazers in advancing the digital landscape of the UAE
Amr Khalifa Senior Vice President of Customer Interaction & Product Development at Etisalat by e&
$14 billion

Annual revenue







Hello, Dubai!


Dubai is a city that thrives on innovation and luxury. Situated along the shores of the Persian Gulf, this post-modern urban hub is both an architectural marvel and a testament to incredible economic prosperity. Known for its extravagant skyline featuring the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and artificial marvels like the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai is a global hub for commerce and tourism. The city’s vibrant malls and high-end boutiques have long been a draw for shoppers. Now, Dubai has once again redefined the retail experience with a new chapter in AI-enabled autonomous store tech.

The Dubai headquarters of Etisalat by e&, the leading United Arab Emirates telecom provider, now features a unique and cutting-edge retail experience: a 100% autonomous telecom store powered by Trigo and Amdocs. The new store, one of the world’s first AI-enabled telecom autonomous stores, seamlessly blends technology and luxury, allowing shoppers to browse and purchase premium electronic goods in an entirely novel way.

The Emirati multinational telecommunications services Etisalat is operating in 16 countries across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. One of the largest mobile network operators and internet hubs in the world, it also operates hundreds of stores and other points of sale.


A powerful new partnership

The new Etisalat store was made possible through our partnership with Amdocs, the leading software company. “Our collaboration with Amdocs has been instrumental in realizing this cutting-edge shopping experience, and our combined expertise results in a revolutionary retail experience that will set new industry standards,” said Trigo Co-Founder and CEO Michael Gabay. “I consider it a milestone in Trigo’s journey towards redefining retail experiences, representing our pioneering venture into the dynamic world of telecom retail.”

Visitors to the store can select their items and pay for them at any time and anywhere inside the store using a specifically designed mobile app or at the exit gate. While inside the store, customers will receive real-time updates on their mobile cart as they pick up items, ensuring a personalized and seamless shopping experience. This was made possible through Trigo’s industry-defining real-time capability.