Hybrid autonomous store in the heart of Tel Aviv

Product used
Live from
September 8, 2022
Mendeli 5, Tel Aviv, Israel
Store type
Supported product lines
Fresh produce
Weighted items
Organic food
Pre-packaged deli
Meat & fish
Frozen food
Age-restricted items
Store size
1,080 square feet
Shufersal works constantly to improve the shopping experience using advanced technologies that are among the leading in the world. The strategic partnership with Trigo will allow our customers the next generation of the autonomous shopping experience for the first time in Israel.
Shay Vardi CTO, Shufersal Group
$4.431 billion

Annual revenue







Hello Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has many names: the “white city” for its largest number of international-style buildings (e.g. Bauhaus) in the world, the “startup nation’s capital” for its high concentration of startups, or the “city that never sleeps” for its parallels to New York City’s non-stop nature. People come from all over the world to experience Tel Aviv’s unique energy, beaches, world-class culinary experiences, and nightlife scene.

Within a minute of walking down the street in Tel Aviv, you can see young professionals riding scooters to work, tourist groups enjoying the architecture, and locals who have lived in the city for decades. The “startup nation’s capital,” also attracts the brightest minds in tech and business to build the latest innovations. The creativity can be felt in every cafe with people brainstorming their next startup, or on every street, with street artists making old buildings come alive with their artwork.

A frictionless makeover

Located in central Tel Aviv, a mere five-minute walk from one of the city’s busiest beaches, Shufersal’s first Trigo-powered store on Mendeli street will serve the young and diverse local community. The wide variety of customers visiting the store is why Shufersal chose a hybrid model – to ensure that the store would be able to cater to every type of shopper.

This store was chosen due to its prime location, but also for its size and function – to provide the full supermarket experience in the middle of the city via a classic urban, convenience-sized store with extensive and diverse offerings. This store has the most SKUs per square foot out of all Trigo-powered stores, providing shoppers with all their supermarket needs, ranging from frozen food to dry items to fresh meat, poultry, and produce, in only 1,080 square feet of space.

Working with Shufersal

Shufersal is Israel’s largest grocer and has always emphasized innovation. They were the first in Israel to implement self-checkout kiosks in their stores, so Trigo’s frictionless checkout solution was the obvious next step in the evolution of technological innovation in grocery. To further ensure the project’s success, Shufersal built an app from the ground up to support the frictionless checkout experience and make the entire onboarding process seamless.

“Since this store with Shufersal has the most SKUs per square foot out of all Trigo-powered stores, it posed unique challenges for our technology,” says Erez Arbel, Trigo’s Chief Product Officer, about the partnership. He explains, “for example, we had to overcome physical barriers, such as narrow aisles and taller shelves, which allow for more SKUs in a smaller store. Solving these has extended our technological capabilities to support larger product density and unique store layouts, enabling us to scale our solution to an even wider array of store shapes and sizes.”

“These milestones are the outcome of our close collaboration with Shufersal, whose commitment to their customers and innovation has helped push our technology further towards our mutually ambitious goals of seamless shopping and store operations.”

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