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Trigo is a computer vision company leveraging smart sensors to enable frictionless checkout and deliver data insights that drive revenue and optimize store operations.

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The top grocery retailers are leveraging Trigo’s technology to deploy autonomous stores worldwide.
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Disruption on high street

The fully autonomous Tesco Express brings a truly seamless, on-the-go experience to the heart of London.

Guus DekkersChief Technology Officer

A tailor made experience

Rewe is leveraging computer vision to solve rising consumer expectations for customer experiences.

Kai-Uwe ReimersHead of Research & Innovation
Rewe Digital

Leading the category

Aldi Nord is driving innovation in the category by applying computer vision to the discount business model.

Sinanudin OmerhodzicChief Technology Officer
Aldi Nord

Start with user experience

Bringing the iconic Aldi Nord experience to the retailer's first fully autonomous store in central Utrecht.

Mareike Kleimann Project Lead
ALDI Shop & Go

A gold standard for privacy

Rewe debuts its Pick&Go frictionless shopping experience in one of Germany’s busiest shopping centers.

Anika VooesChief Acceleration Manager
Rewe Digital


Now Available: Real time receipt. Instantly, before leaving the store.

Optimized for any payment methods, EasyOut® enables seamless payment via the retailer's app, mobile wallet, card, or cash, while supporting a real-time receipt experience.
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Know. Rethink. Optimize. Grow.

Delight your customers with consistently superior shopping experiences by leveraging computer vision-powered automation and accurate real-time in-store data.

Rethink traditional retail and meet your customers where they are with seamless checkout compatible with any payment preference and real-time receipts to boost confidence.

What retailers need to know

Shopper-centric retail means understanding customers' needs and behaviors and addressing changing expectations by reducing friction and waste and providing high quality at low prices.

Trigo’s commitment

We transform existing stores into smart stores that help you deliver competitive shopping experiences while driving cost and operational optimization to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

How it works

Trigo applies its proprietary computer vision algorithms to camera and sensor data to create a digital twin of your store and analyze, in real-time, shoppers' journeys and product choices to unlock process automation and efficiencies.

Retailers’ benefit

Bolster your competitive edge and strengthen customer loyalty by providing innovative frictionless shopping experiences at winning prices. Leverage in-store analytics to optimize every step of your operations to achieve 2-year ROI.
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Tech-powered retail performance

A technology-first approach to the future of retail.


Designed to convert existing stores into digitally-powered ones and analyze the entire product range, basket contents, and shopper decisions.

Retail-ready solution

Powered by unique proprietary neural networks designed to detect thousands of items and user journeys, anywhere in the store space.

Field-tested accuracy

Built for extremely high accuracy in crowded environments, enabling a natural shopping experience and generating gold-standard performance.

Zero downtime

Our proven solution layers digital commerce capabilities onto existing spaces providing off hours installation so there is no disruption to business.
How it works

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Exclusive insights from our leadership on the latest trends in autonomous retail.
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Supply chain optimization starts at the (smart) store

AI is the present, and future, of supply chain optimization

Ehud EblagonBusiness Development Manager

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Digitizing Big Retail: the Challenges and Opportunities of Big Store Automation

Store automation is fast becoming the new reality of physical retail.

Ehud EblagonBusiness Development Manager

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In this tight labor market, retailers use automation to optimize their workforce

Labor retention is a consistent and costly challenge for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Yonatan DeutschBusiness Analyst

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How retail automation enhances customer experience: no more lines, out-of-stock items

Checkout lines cost money. It’s not an expense easy to measure, but it takes a multitude of costs into account.

Dominic BrynolfVP Western Europe

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Tesco to open three more GetGo stores with new hybrid format

I am excited to announce that we are opening another Trigo-powered store with Tesco in central London on Chiswell Street.

Michael GabayCEO & Co-founder of Trigo

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Trigo raises $100M for a total of $204M to date

Trigo doubles down on building our autonomous retail platform, StoreOS™ in more and bigger stores worldwide.

Michael Gabay CEO & Co-founder of Trigo

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Discounters use innovation to lead the category

Discount grocers are leveraging innovative technologies like cashierless checkout to stay ahead of the competition.

Erez Arbel Chief Product Officer at Trigo

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Exclusive visit at a Trigo-powered REWE store

Chris Walton & Anne Mezzenga test the speed and accuracy of Trigo's technology at the REWE store in Cologne.

Trigo Comms

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The evolution of grocery retail technology

Computer vision-driven autonomous stores are the next stage in the evolution of grocery retail technology.

Trigo Comms

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Consumers drive the future of the in-store experience

Real-world case studies of how retailers can keep up with growing consumer demands in the future of retail.

Shay ZivVP Marketing at Trigo

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Digitize your stores in no time

Led by Trigo’s retail & AI experts, convert existing stores in a few weeks.


Off hours installation

We seamlessly retrofit your existing store into a smart store by deploying hardware and software overnight when the store is closed, so there is no disruption to business.


Invisible learning

Leverage our proprietary algorithms and 3D engine to learn customer and product patterns to ensure a 100% accurate and natural shopping experience.


Go live

Instantly upgrade the shopping experience for your customers with ongoing support from Trigo’s dedicated teams of operational and algorithmic experts.

Read our latest news coverage

Global press coverage on Trigo’s market-leading autonomous retail platform.
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OCTOBER 26, 2022

Trigo Raises $100 Million As AI Drives Retail Innovation

Trigo will...scale deployment of autonomous urban supermarkets...and develop its store and inventory management software application suite.
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DECEMBER 1, 2021

Supermarkets grapple with checkout-free stores

A small stretch of London’s Holborn district busy with office workers and shoppers has become a hotbed of experimentation for supermarket chains.
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OCTOBER 8, 2022

The Hottest Startups in Tel Aviv in 2022

Home to Silicon Wadi and a long-running streak of mega-money exits, the Tel Aviv tech scene leads with innovative applications of robotics, AI and medtech.
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SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Tesco-backed Trigo launches inventory management tech

Tesco-backed checkout-free tech firm Trigo is crunching data drawn from its in-store cameras to track inventory in real time and alert retailers to empty shelves.
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DECEMBER 6, 2021

Amazon’s Main Street Grocery Battle Isn’t What You Think

The real money in cashierless checkout is in the software, not the produce. Almost four years after Inc. opened its first cashierless stores...
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