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Trigo tech-powers grocery stores with market leading frictionless checkout and digitized operations

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AI-driven and fully automated, our proven solution layers digital commerce capabilities onto existing spaces with zero downtime to business

No lines, fully digital, seamless

shopping and store operations

REWE hybrid checkout experience in downtown Cologne, Germany.

As the fourth largest city in Germany, Cologne is the economic and cultural capital of the Rhineland, right on the Rhine River. The city has been an important trade center since the Roman era and its harbour is one of the larger inland ports in Germany. Today, Cologne is a vibrant, liberal university town -- home to 16 universities and over 80,000 students -- that blends tradition and modernity. It is home to historic sites such as the Cologne Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in northern Europe...

Same store. Made smarter.

Automated check-in

Touch-free check-out

Data-driven operations

Trusted by top grocery retailers

Why Trigo

A technology-first approach to the future of retail.


Seamless, accurate, personal and 100% secure shopping experience.


Proven performance at the world’s
leading retailers.

Zero downtime

Conversion led by Trigo’s experts digitizes stores in no time.
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Digitize your stores in no time

Led by Trigo’s retail & AI experts, convert existing stores in a few weeks.


Off hours installation

Hardware and software deployed overnight, when the store is closed so there is no disruption to business.


Invisible learning

Proprietary algorithms learn customers and products patterns to ensure a 100% accurate and natural shopping experience once live.


Go live

Instantly upgrade the shopping experience with ongoing support from Trigo’s experts.

Tech-powered retail performance

Pioneering 3D engine

Real-time 3D interior modeling and positioning from every angle.

High-density intelligence

Proprietary neural networks detect thousands of items and user journeys.

Battle-tested accuracy

Extremely high accuracy in a hyper crowded environment.
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