Reduce costs and maximize availability with EasyStock shelf and inventory management software

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Track, analyze, predict, and manage any shelf or product to provide enterprise-wide visibility and cost-to-serve data.

Why EasyStock

A single picture of all your in-store inventory

See the full picture of your in-store inventory and capture real-time on-shelf availability to optimize for a high-performance sales floor.

Higher product availability for all shoppers

Improve on-shelf availability and inventory turnover while reducing operating costs and streamlining direct-to-shelf performance.

Refined efficiency and real-time monitoring

Plan your sales floor inventory requirements based on accurate in-store order projections and shopper preferences.

Automated alerts, dashboards and reports

Transform real-time shelf intelligence into actionable insights to continuously modernize processes and operations.

How it works

Rooted in your existing store

Trigo applies its proprietary algorithms to in-store sensors which automatically crunch and analyze anonymized data on shoppers' product choices, and shelf availability.

Incorporated into your day-to-day

The EasyStock shelf and inventory management software is designed to provide your store operations team with extreme accuracy and real-time alerts to solve in-store inventory gaps, while streamlining the day-to-day with automated dashboards and reports.

EasyStock design principles


Focused on meeting the expectations of both retailers and shoppers


Designed to provide an accurate real-time snapshot of the store


Built with an action-first approach to address day to day inefficiencies

Digitize your stores in no time


Overnight installation

Trigo’s sensor package installs overnight so store hours are never disrupted.


Invisible learning

Trigo’s system learns shopper behavior to adapt itself to the unique qualities of each store.


Go live

Instantly upgrade the shopping experience, with ongoing support from Trigo’s experts.
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