Frequently asked questions

What is Trigo?

Trigo is a computer vision company that has developed an autonomous retail system that provides you with automated store operations tools and your shoppers with a seamless checkout experience.

What is Trigo EasyOut®-powered shopping?

Trigo’s EasyOut® app can be embedded into your store’s existing applications providing your shoppers with a superior shopping experience. Your shoppers can use your app powered by Trigo’s EasyOut® technology to scan a QR code in your store, select the items they want, and walk out without stopping at the checkout.

What is StoreOS®?

The Trigo StoreOS® is a suite of products that enables retailers to analyze and manage retail operations across shopper experience, revenue, efficiency, and marketing-oriented use cases.

How does the system work?

The in-store technology uses a sensor kit to determine shoppers’ movements and product classifications to create digital shopping baskets. The system does not know who the shoppers are at any stage.

Does the technology use biometrics and facial recognition?

No. The in-store technology does not use facial recognition, nor does it scan eyes, or fingerprints, or use any other biometric features. Our technology is not used to identify, verify or authenticate the identity of individuals. The system works by correlating images of items picked up from the store shelves with the movement of the shopper in the store to create the shopping basket. Throughout the entire shopper’s journey, the in-store technology does not and cannot know the identity of the shopper.

How do I know my shopper’s privacy is safe?

The system was built with data protection and privacy by design controls in mind. The system does not retain any direct identifiers (e.g. names or phone numbers), it only uses random IDs to represent your shoppers and then removes the data when it is no longer necessary.
Only a small fraction of shopper activity data is used to train Trigo’s system, which is an integral part of the provision of Trigo and is retained for no longer than necessary.

How secure is Trigo?

At Trigo, we take security seriously. We have a full-time in-house Information Security Manager who oversees both corporate and product information security issues. By implementing and strictly enforcing information security standards, practices, and controls, we ensure a high level of security across all critical company assets and in product development.

How does the system prevent shoplifting?

Stores using Trigo are theft-free. As Trigo determines every product that shoppers pick up and put down, shoppers will be charged for everything they take.

How accurate is the system?

Extremely. Trigo has an accuracy level of over 99%.

Can shoppers return products to the shelf?

Absolutely. Shoppers can shop as they normally would. Once a shopper returns a product to a shelf, Trigo removes it from their shopping cart.

How do shoppers pay once they’re done shopping?

Shoppers can pay in any way the store chooses. Trigo provides a receipt once the customer has paid, either by using a checkout screen or sending the receipt to the customer directly via an app.

Does Trigo support age restricted items?

Yes. Age-restricted items are placed in an enclosed area within your store where an employee can assist your shoppers, verify their age, and manually scan any items to add them to their shopping basket.

Refund? What if the system wasn’t accurate?

Trigo is over 99% accurate, but on the rare occasion that a shopper requests a refund, Trigo will investigate if a refund is warranted and, if so, notify you to issue the refund.