Netto’s second Trigo-powered store features real-time receipts

Product used
Live from
January 2024
Karl-Stieler-Straße 70,Regensburg, Germany
Store type
Supported product lines
Fresh produce
Beer crates
Pre-packaged deli & meat
Deposit machine
Age restricted items
Newspapers & magazine
Promotion fixtures
Store size
8,100 square feet
Having already blazed a trail two years ago with our Trigo-powered hybrid checkout-free grocery store in Munich, Netto is proud to demonstrate its pioneering approach once again as the first retailer to enable real-time receipt autonomous shopping. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Trigo.
Christina Stylianou, Spokesperson of Netto Marken-Discount
$18.5 Billion

Annual revenue







Hello, Regensburg!

Netto’s second Trigo-powered store is now LIVE in the vibrant city of Regensburg! The new store, located near the Netto headquarters and in close proximity to both the University of Regensburg and the technical university Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH), represents a significant milestone in retail innovation with its real-time automated receipt capability. A city that traces its roots to the medieval period and Roman Empire, Regensburg is now a dynamic business and culture hub, the fourth-largest city in the Bavaria region. Today the city that is dotted with historic gems is jam-packed with bars and restaurants, museums and shops, and is known for its diverse cultural offerings. Regensburg is home to multiple academic institutes, tech stratups, and major multinational corporations, particularly in the automotive and tech industries. As such, it is considered a hub for innovation and its mostly young populations is to be receptive to emerging technologies. It is also considered a significant retail hub. All this, plus the proximity to Netto’s own innovation hub, makes it the perfect location for this first-of-its-kind store.

Real time receipts: a defining moment in cashierless store technology

This is Netto’s second Trigo-powered store, but in many ways, it’s a first. A full-size 800 sqm retrofitted supermarket, it is both Europe’s largest frictionless store, and the largest retrofitted frictionless checkout store in the world. Most importantly, it is the first computer vision-powered frictionless checkout store on this scale to feature real-time receipt capability. The new state-of-the-art hybrid store offers the most advanced iteration of frictionless checkout, side by side with Netto’s traditional shopping experience. It features the latest extension of Trigo’s existing EasyOut® system which allows shoppers to select their desired items and walk out, bypassing the checkout. Now, Trigo has added the capability for shoppers to review their receipts, approve them, and pay before they leave the store. The new EasyOut® Station available at the Netto Regensburg store auto-generates shoppers’ receipts in real-time while utilizing Netto’s fast-exit terminals to enable shoppers to pay via mobile or card. Unlike traditional self-checkout, no scanning or weighing is required, as Trigo’s EasyOut® technology adds items to shoppers virtual basket in real time as they move through the store. This real-time functionality is expected to accelerate consumer adoption of frictionless checkout by inspiring confidence and trust in the technology. Netto’s new frictionless store offers more than 5000 products, a full range supermarket featuring fresh produce, baked goods, age-restricted items (incorporating real-time detection), newspapers and magazines, and reduced-to-clear sections. This new store currently serves as the flagship fully frictionless retail store to offer a ‘real-time’ receipt facility, the cutting-edge capability that will soon be accessible in multiple Trigo-powered stores worldwide.

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