Unpacking the ROI of Computer Vision Store Automation

Yonatan Deutsch

Yonatan Deutsch

Business Analyst

15 November 2023

As a business analyst at Trigo, I’ve been immersed in the world of grocery retail innovation and emerging retail technology for the past 2 years. The crucial question that often looms large for retailers contemplating the shift to frictionless checkout is: Where’s the Return on Investment (ROI)?

In this blog, I’ll discuss how implementing Trigo’s EasyOut frictionless checkout solution yields significant ROI within 2-3 years of rollout – assuming scale. The multifaceted value distribution goes beyond labor cost reduction.

Let’s break it down.

  1. Workforce Optimization: Checkout-related jobs are some of the most high-churn in retail. Checkout automation technologies such as Trigo’s help retailers reduce their dependency and spending on low-impact, high-churn jobs, recalibrate their labor model, and cut costs associated with wage inflation, hiring, and training. Based on your labor costs, what could workforce optimization mean for your bottom line?
  2. Shrink Reduction: Phenomena like shoplifting and organized retail crime are on the rise, with many retail analysts marking fraud-related shrink as the biggest pain point for retailers in 2023, and likely 2024. Computer vision store automation technology is effective in reducing, even eliminating shrink. This article breaks down how. Considering the impact shrink has on your business, what can you gain by significantly reducing shrink-related costs?
  3. Checkout Removal: Beyond eliminating or reducing your spending on traditional checkout systems and their regular maintenance, full or partial checkout removal lets retailers reclaim prime store real estate. Stores repurpose this space to introduce more products, promotion stands, or revenue-driving activities like bottle recycling machines and pick-up lockers.
  4. Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Trigo-powered stores experience higher customer retention, visit frequency, less cart abandonment, and a boost in loyalty programs. We see the same customers spending the same every visit while coming more to the store, resulting in higher overall spending – all while controlling for inflation and seasonality.

Beyond EasyOut: The Comprehensive Trigo Ecosystem

Utilizing the existing infrastructure, Trigo can deliver additional value by enabling data-driven retailing:

  1. Predictive Stock Management: Leveraging accurate, comprehensive in-store data enables more accurate predictive stock management. This leads to fewer out-of-stock incidents, a better product range, less waste, and reduced manual labor. 
  2. Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time, in-store insights foster more targeted promotions, planogram optimization, dynamic pricing, and more.

The journey towards frictionless checkout with Trigo’s EasyOut is not just a technological leap; it’s a strategic embrace of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth. The ROI of implementing computer vision store automation technology is substantial, both in terms of cost reduction and value addition.

Trigo’s pricing structure depends on store size and consists of a one-time hardware fee and an ongoing monthly software fee. To truly understand the investment required and the specific value for your business, I invite you to book a meeting with me and start a conversation tailored to your business and goals.

In the fast-paced, competitive world of grocery retail, embracing innovations is a pathway to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. Reach out today, and let’s explore what Trigo can do for your business.


Frequently asked questions

What is Trigo?

Trigo is a computer vision AI company working with global retail and logistics clients tackling their everyday challenges, including Loss Prevention, Theft, Store Management, Customer and Employee Experience, and more.

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What is your product?

Trigo’s EasyOut® offers your shoppers a variety of completely seamless checkout experiences: Shoppers walk into the store, pick up their products, and walk out without needing to stop at the till. We offer 3 EasyOut® experiences:


EasyOut® Tap To checkout, shoppers can simply tap a card or digital wallet at the door and receive their receipt in minutes


EasyOut® App Shoppers scan the retailer’s app to enjoy special offers and loyalty program benefits


EasyOut® Station Trigo-powered real-time self-checkout to pay cash or credit

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What about privacy?

Trigo adheres to the strictest privacy rules and regulations and has been vetted numerous times by GDPR privacy experts.


Our solution contains various privacy-by-design measures. We do not collect or retain any direct identifiers. We blur the faces of all persons captured in images that are uploaded to the cloud. We use industry-standard encryption measures.

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