Why you should meet Trigo’s business team at the NRF 2023

Guy Yair

Chief Revenue Officer

19 December 2022

Trigo’s sales and business team is kicking off an ambitious year of growth with our attendance at the NRF this January. Every year the NRF “Retail’s Big Show,” brings thousands of industry leaders for three days to NYC to share the latest insights, breakthrough technologies, and connect with potential partners to accelerate your business. Forums like the NRF provide an unparalleled opportunity for retailers and technology teams from around the world to meet in person, which I firmly believe is one of the most effective tools for discovering solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

Mitigate rapidly changing global macroeconomics

Between rising costs of consumer goods and the global supply chain crisis, retailers are being challenged to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency than ever in today’s rapidly fluctuating macroeconomic environment. Trigo’s StoreOS® autonomous retail platform can help you mitigate these changes by boosting efficiency and streamlining operations across the entire value chain, from high-level store management to staff’s day-to-day routines.

The Trigo sales team is dedicated to understanding your unique business model and value proposition and how they tie into the dynamic global economy. We believe that adapting and innovating with solutions like Trigo’s is the key to future-proofing your business and staying ahead of the curve in both stable and uncertain times. 

Use technology to solve the number one pain point in grocery shopping

Trigo’s StoreOS® autonomous retail platform provides you with the capabilities to solve some of the biggest pain points grocery shoppers experience today: long lines, out-of-stocks and other inventory issues, and insufficient in-store customer service. With the increasingly high bar consumers are setting for the modern-day shopping experience, retailers must use cutting-edge tech-driven solutions like Trigo’s StoreOS® to unlock the tools necessary to address these challenges.

EasyOut® is our frictionless checkout solution that enables retailers to provide their customers with a superior shopping experience by eliminating the number one shopper pain point: waiting in line. Powered by computer vision and AI technology, EasyOut® has already been deployed in multiple stores with tier 1 grocery retailers to provide millions of customers worldwide with the best shopping experience on the market.

EasyOut® works in tandem with our recently launched solution, EasyStock, an inventory management system designed for retailers to track, analyze, and manage all of their in-store inventory. EasyStock’s platform gives you a full picture of on-shelf availability to minimize out-of-stocks and capture missed sales opportunities, which have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Adopt ROI-first frictionless checkout technology, today

At the NRF, we are boots on the ground, ready to meet you and dive into your specific pain points. We want to explore the vast opportunities that our computer vision-powered technology can offer to advance your ambitious business goals. Your bottom line is our bottom line – Trigo’s StoreOS® autonomous retail platform has already helped our retail partners increase basket size per shopper and has huge additional opportunities to achieve compelling ROI.

Now it’s time for action – book a meeting with us at the NRF today and find out how Trigo will drive your business into the future of retail.

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