CEO Announcement: Trigo arrives in France with new 100% autonomous store

Michael Gabay

Michael Gabay

Chief Executive Officer

3 May 2023

I am excited to announce Trigo’s arrival in France. Our newest partner, Auchan, just launched the latest Trigo-powered store at their corporate headquarters near Paris. From this advantageous location at the heart of Auchan’s innovation complex, Trigo will go on to advance France’s smart store revolution.

In Auchan, we found partners who share our commitment to innovation and delivering superior in-store experiences. The new store, named Auchan Go le Lab, will, as its name suggests, serve as a hub of research and innovation for the Auchan team. From this launchpad, our partnership will continue to grow and innovate. Auchan is a valuable partner not only because it prioritizes innovation, but because its stores span the entire food retail spectrum, from hypermarkets and supermarkets to convenience stores. As the only tech partner with proven abilities to retrofit and transform large-format stores into smart, autonomous stores, we see great opportunities ahead.

Another exciting milestone, Auchan Go le Lab is the first store featuring a contactless tap-and-go experience where shoppers can tap their credit or debit card at the entrance gate. Previously, shoppers in Trigo-powered stores would download a retailer’s app or scan a QR code to enter the store. This innovation takes payment options to the next level, making shopping even more intuitive and convenient for a broad range of customers. 



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