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12 July 2022

Last month, retail tech influencers and thought leaders Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga of Omnitalk Retail visited the Trigo-powered Netto store in Munich, Germany.

Check out their visit in the video or read a summary of their visit below.

The discount frictionless checkout experience

Chris and Anne arrived at the Netto store in Munich, right off one of the main subway stations in the city. They visited and shopped at this hybrid store, meaning that in addition to the frictionless checkout experience, there is also the option to shop traditionally by walking into the store and checking out via a cashier.

Chris and Anne went for the frictionless checkout experience and entered the store by scanning the Netto app – they simply downloaded the app, registered, scanned their QR code at the gates, and began shopping.

Anne explains a little about the shopping experience:

“One of the first things that we noticed is that it feels like a real, local grocery store – you’ve got fresh produce, bakery items, meat, dairy, and of course, alcohol, which you can get by the can or in bulk by the crate.”

“It’s not a traditional convenience store that we see a lot of in this format. Overall the store is 2,500 sq. ft. and has about 3,500 SKUs, including newspapers and magazines, which have been difficult for computer vision cameras to identify up until this point.”

Chris Walton on the EasyOut™ experience at Netto:

“I thought it was great – the coolest thing for me is that it felt like I was in a real grocery store. We have visited a lot of these stores, and this one felt the most like a real grocery store to me. You saw me, I was picking up eggplant, peppers, bananas, fresh meat out of the refrigeration case, milk.”

“It felt like a true grocery trip, so again I had no complaints, [I] walked in, walked out…I [also] got my receipt, [with] all the items presented for and accounted for.”

So, if you find yourself in Munich, don’t miss out on one of the first discount hybrid autonomous stores in the world and visit: Karl-Theodor-Straße 55, 80803, Munich, Germany.


Frequently asked questions

What is Trigo?

Trigo is a computer vision company. We leverage input from vision and weight sensors to create a digital twin of your brick-and-mortar store.


In it, we capture and analyze in-store journeys to enable frictionless checkout experiences and deliver insights that help you optimize store operations and drive revenue. Our technology is deployed across global retail leaders, including Tesco, Rewe, Aldi, the Edeka group, Auchan, and Wakefern.


Trigo is the only store automation provider to fully retrofit existing stores. Our solution is designed to support stores of all sizes, convenience to hypermarket, plus unlimited SKUs, and we do it with the highest level of accuracy, 99%. Trigo is also the first to deliver real-time receipts so your shoppers can review their baskets before they leave the store.

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What is your product?

Trigo’s EasyOut® offers your shoppers a variety of completely seamless checkout experiences: Shoppers walk into the store, pick up their products, and walk out without needing to stop at the till. We offer 3 EasyOut® experiences:


EasyOut® Tap To checkout, shoppers can simply tap a card or digital wallet at the door and receive their receipt in minutes


EasyOut® App Shoppers scan the retailer’s app to enjoy special offers and loyalty program benefits


EasyOut® Station Trigo-powered real-time self-checkout to pay cash or credit

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What are the costs and when will I see ROI?

Our pricing is dependent on factors such as store size. The pricing scheme is based on a one-time fee covering hardware cost, plus an ongoing monthly software fee. Retailers who partner with Trigo achieve ROI within 2-3 years based on the following revenue and cost-cutting streams:


Increased CLV, workforce optimization, reduced shrink, fewer out-of-stock incidents, better product range, and less waste and more.

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How long does it take to retrofit a store?

Trigo’s installation and implementation process typically takes a few weeks and is dependent on factors such as store size and the number of SKUs. The process involves planning, installation of sensors, software deployment, and beta testing.


We will train your contractors and hardware specialists, configure and deploy our system, and provide a dashboard to track system performance and insights. Hardware installation is carried out outside of store operating hours.

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What about privacy?

Trigo adheres to the strictest privacy rules and regulations and has been vetted numerous times by GDPR privacy experts.


Our solution contains various privacy-by-design measures. We do not collect or retain any direct identifiers. We blur the faces of all persons captured in images that are uploaded to the cloud. We use industry-standard encryption measures.

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