Announcement: First hybrid, autonomous REWE store in Cologne, Germany

Michael Gabay

Michael Gabay

Chief Executive Officer

26 October 2021

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce the opening of REWE’s first Trigo-powered hybrid autonomous store in Cologne, Germany.  Located near the Old Town, on one of the most popular shopping streets in Germany, the REWE store in Cologne will provide shoppers with the first hybrid autonomous store experience in all of Germany. Cologne is known for its openness and diverse population, making it the perfect place to open this first-of-its-kind store.

This hybrid autonomous store showcases another exciting way that Trigo’s technology can be implemented in a retrofitted store. Shoppers can easily walk in and enjoy the frictionless checkout experience, or shop as they always had with a cashier. REWE has been very open to trying the hybrid model, as they aspire to create the best experience for their customers by introducing digital retail to their stores. The commitment to the shopper experience was also actualized during the retrofit process, where REWE ensured that implementing Trigo’s tech behind the scenes didn’t affect the REWE experience shoppers know and love.

The German shopper is known for their meticulous and practical approach towards supermarkets and shopping and the German approach is to strive to create a modern, satisfying and streamlined grocery experience. REWE is committed to constantly improving the shopping experience, and a Trigo-powered store is a natural choice for their commitment to innovation, as it embodies the ‘seamless experience’ they were looking for.

The REWE store is also an important milestone in the implementation of computer vision-based technology, as Germany has one of the most stringent policies and standards for personal privacy in the world, so any company that leverages computer vision must be closely aligned with the local rules and regulations.

The close relationship built with the REWE team over the years is unparalleled. The mutual trust and open communication have enabled Trigo and REWE to bring the first seamless shopping experience to German shoppers, ever. We look forward to seeing the success of the hybrid model we have implemented with REWE, as well as to their openness to leveraging different shopping models in the future.


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