2022: A year in review

Michael Gabay

Michael Gabay

Chief Executive Officer

26 December 2022

As the year comes to a close and we step away from the day-to-day to celebrate with loved ones, I look back with immense pride at our accomplishments. It is hard to summarize such a dynamic year, which marked many moments of success alongside rapid and sweeping shifts in global macroeconomics.

This year we saw new strategic and retail partners join Trigo in realizing our goal of revolutionizing retail and we want to thank you and those who have believed in us from the beginning. Your partnerships and confidence in our vision have helped drive our business forward and pushed our technology to greater heights.

So let’s take a moment to reflect on some of our biggest milestones and accomplishments from this past year. Trigo’s milestones in the autonomous store category:

Multi-store expansion with multiple retailers

This year we announced and deployed multi-store expansions with Tesco and REWE in the UK and Germany, respectively. This expansion into additional stores is the culmination of the successful deployments in the stores opened over the past year with our partners Netto, Shufersal, and Aldi Nord. It is also a testament to our strong partnerships with these retailers, who share common ground in their ambitious innovation goals and commitment to creating the best possible shopping experience for their customers.

Initiated strategic partnerships

With great excitement, we shared this past year that Aldi Nord and SAP joined as Trigo’s strategic partners. Aldi Nord will work together with Trigo to build out its Shop & Go autonomous store concept to provide its customers with an improved shopping experience. Aldi’s commitment to leading innovation in the grocery retail category  ‘making shopping easy’ will help drive autonomous retail forward in the coming years.

SAP also joined us this past year as both an investor and a strategic partner, who will work closely with us on our StoreOS® suite of products, bringing its extensive knowledge on delivering multiple products across different retailers at scale. 

Launched larger stores with more SKUs

This year we opened multiple stores nearly double in size as our first stores, which marks a huge milestone in our technology’s evolution. In addition to this, we nearly tripled the number of SKUs available in a store, supporting nearly 10,000 SKUs in REWE’s Berlin store. By increasing both the store size, the number of SKUs, and the number of SKUs per square meter, we have made significant progress in solving one of the biggest challenges in the world of AI and autonomous stores – supporting retailers’ full product lines.

Global recognition for Trigo’s innovation

Throughout the year, Trigo has been recognized for its technology, innovation, and potential. It is truly humbling to see Trigo recognized by CB Insights, as one of LinkedIn’s top startups, the Reta awards, the Stevie awards, and more. Following a year of many milestones and hard work, this recognition means a lot and helps fuel the challenging task of pioneering within the world of retail technology.

Expanded organizational infrastructure to meet extensive scale

Beyond the focus on expanding our business and building new stores, Trigo also focused on our organizational infrastructure to support extensive scale and growth. We grew our operations units by 200% to include new and diverse functions and built knowledge systems to enable our partners’ success. We also expanded our leadership team to include Amir Nebenzhal (CFO), Guy Yair (CRO), Jonathan Zanger (VP R&D), These top professionals in their respective fields bring their vast professional experience and capabilities to continue Trigo’s success for years to come.

We also built out our partnership infrastructure to help support additional opportunities for growth. We moved from a silo value proposition to co-opetition, to enable co-integration and deployment, opening up new avenues for our and our partners’ retailers to scale. Several big partnerships and new tier 1 retailers are to be announced, so stay tuned. We are always looking for new ways to bring autonomous store technology to more retailers around the globe, so book a meeting with us today to learn how we can create a successful synergy.

Raised $100M funding round

I am humbled by our latest and most considerable funding round led by Temasek and 83North, with existing investors’ participation. Raising capital in today’s macroeconomic environment is already an incredible challenge and I am thankful to the group of truly first-class investors and strategic partners who joined this round. This investment will help bring Trigo’s technology to scale and execute multi-store supermarket deployments with retailers around the world and to achieve greater product heights as we continue to build out our StoreOS® autonomous retail platform.

Looking forward to the future of retail

In 2022 we built upon the momentum and success we achieved in 2021.

In the upcoming year, we will continue working towards our ambitious growth goals with the expansion of multi-store deployments of increasingly bigger stores around the globe and building out our StoreOS® autonomous retail platform. 

We appreciate every person and partner who has had a hand in our success. May we continue to drive innovation in the retail world together, push the boundaries of autonomous store tech, and set the standard for the best possible shopping experience.



Frequently asked questions

What is Trigo?

Trigo is a computer vision company. We leverage input from vision and weight sensors to create a digital twin of your brick-and-mortar store.


In it, we capture and analyze in-store journeys to enable frictionless checkout experiences and deliver insights that help you optimize store operations and drive revenue. Our technology is deployed across global retail leaders, including Tesco, Rewe, Aldi, the Edeka group, Auchan, and Wakefern.


Trigo is the only store automation provider to fully retrofit existing stores. Our solution is designed to support stores of all sizes, convenience to hypermarket, plus unlimited SKUs, and we do it with the highest level of accuracy, 99%. Trigo is also the first to deliver real-time receipts so your shoppers can review their baskets before they leave the store.

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What is your product?

Trigo’s EasyOut® offers your shoppers a variety of completely seamless checkout experiences: Shoppers walk into the store, pick up their products, and walk out without needing to stop at the till. We offer 3 EasyOut® experiences:


EasyOut® Tap To checkout, shoppers can simply tap a card or digital wallet at the door and receive their receipt in minutes


EasyOut® App Shoppers scan the retailer’s app to enjoy special offers and loyalty program benefits


EasyOut® Station Trigo-powered real-time self-checkout to pay cash or credit

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What are the costs and when will I see ROI?

Our pricing is dependent on factors such as store size. The pricing scheme is based on a one-time fee covering hardware cost, plus an ongoing monthly software fee. Retailers who partner with Trigo achieve ROI within 2-3 years based on the following revenue and cost-cutting streams:


Increased CLV, workforce optimization, reduced shrink, fewer out-of-stock incidents, better product range, and less waste and more.

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How long does it take to retrofit a store?

Trigo’s installation and implementation process typically takes a few weeks and is dependent on factors such as store size and the number of SKUs. The process involves planning, installation of sensors, software deployment, and beta testing.


We will train your contractors and hardware specialists, configure and deploy our system, and provide a dashboard to track system performance and insights. Hardware installation is carried out outside of store operating hours.

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What about privacy?

Trigo adheres to the strictest privacy rules and regulations and has been vetted numerous times by GDPR privacy experts.


Our solution contains various privacy-by-design measures. We do not collect or retain any direct identifiers. We blur the faces of all persons captured in images that are uploaded to the cloud. We use industry-standard encryption measures.

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