How Trigo brought frictionless checkout to market

The store challenge

A store is a living creature; there are so many variables and moving parts that create unique challenges that grocers must face on a daily basis. The unpredictable human interactions, dynamic store operations, and physical limitations dictate if the store will be a success or a failure. All of these factors make a frictionless checkout solution, like Trigo’s EasyOut®, so challenging to develop.

Digitization, or specifically, in this case, the transformation from a traditional to an autonomous store, is especially difficult in industries like grocery retail. This is partly because the clientele, for example, is made up of more seniors – who are not mass tech adopters – that come to physical stores, contrary to their younger counterparts; therefore, introducing a new technology could mean alienating some retailers’ most loyal customers. So, we arrive at the million-dollar question – what is the best way to digitize a store with seamless shopping tech to keep loyal customers coming back, as well as to attract new ones?

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