Brick-and-mortar challenges, tech solutions

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Competition in grocery retail has never been tougher. Retailers in non-discretionary sectors are fighting to avoid rolling rising costs of goods and services onto their shoppers, who are increasingly becoming more price-sensitive. To stay afloat, retailers must reimagine their business and locate value and efficiencies across the entire retail chain.

This spells opportunity for innovative, forward-thinking players. As emerging technologies in the retail innovation space gain traction, the global demand for artificial intelligence applications in retail has rapidly expanded. Retailers are using AI capabilities and solutions to offer seamless in-store experiences and inject store operations with efficiency-building analytics and automation. But, while innovation and tech solutions can alleviate many of the challenges facing retailers, onboarding new technologies is, in itself, a distinct challenge.

In this eBook, we will address the key challenges retailers are currently facing, and discuss technological solutions.


You‘ll find information on:

1. The expected–and unexpected–side effects of a fluctuating economy

2. Removing the cobwebs of traditional retail to deliver better brick-and-mortar customer experience

3. The challenges of the phygital era: making smart tech investments


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