AI for retail: A vision of the AI-driven future of retail, with the people already making it a reality


AI-driven store automation is top of mind for most major retailers today. The retail blog OmniTalk has recently hosted a webinar about the reality of implementing automation tech into a physical store. The live video event featured hands-on retail automation experts Anika Vooes, chief acceleration manager at Rewe Digital, Nitu Kaushal, managing director, cloud first intelligent edge business, Europe region at Accenture, Andre Bechtold, SVP & head of solution & innovation experience at SAP, and Trigo Chief Business Officer Guy Yair.

If you are evaluating the applications of computer vision store automation and the impact it could bring to your business, you’ll want to tune in to this conversation. 

You’ll find insights on:

  1. Why your choice of PoC store matters when testing new technologies
  2. Achieving store automation adoption and scale 
  3. Where’s the ROI?

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