A second hybrid autonomous Tesco Express in West London’s Fulham neighborhood

Product used
Live from
November 22, 2022
Brunswick House, Parr's Wy., London W6 9LH, United Kingdom
Store type
Supported product lines
Fresh produce
Meal deal
Pre-packaged items
Coffee machine
Age-restricted items
Frozen food
Newspapers & magazines
Krispy Kreme donut stand
Store size
2,530 square feet
It’s really important to us that our stores are a place where everyone feels welcome.
We know that our customers appreciate years of being able to shop quickly through a checkout-free store. But we are making the GetGo experience accessible to more customers who want to try it, ensuring we remain easily the most convenient for everyone.
Kevin Tindall, Managing Director, Tesco Convenience at Tesco
$84 billion

Annual revenue







Hello West London

Overlooking the River Thames, the award-winning Fulham Reach is one of the newest high-end real estate developments to open in the increasingly desirable neighborhood of Fulham. Several minutes in any direction, you’ll find fine dining restaurants, boat clubs, and deeper into the neighborhood – London’s only Michelin star pub. Fulham is also the proud home to two of London’s Premier League football clubs: Fulham and the infamous Chelsea.

Fulham is often described as the best of both worlds – it has the abundance of green spaces and quaintness of a village as well as access to all the amenities and attractions of a big city. This mix is what attracts affluent residents to the neighborhood – you’ll easily spot young professionals, families, and even celebrities.

Uniquely Fulham

The combination of the urban and suburban and its distinct personality is why Fulham Reach was chosen as one of Tesco’s latest autonomous stores. This store addresses another demographic of Tesco shoppers – young families and professionals looking to do more significant shopping trips at a store close to home.

This type of shopper differs from High Holborn and Chiswell. While there might be some overlaps between the shopper profiles in Central London and Fulham Reach, each one of these locations serves different needs – on-the-go shopping vs. larger shopping trips. The profile overlaps in the two types of shoppers highlight the ability of the autonomous store experience to have multiple functions in different areas of customers’ lives. For example, the same customer can grab a quick lunch with a meal deal in Central London at a 100% autonomous store and later use the hybrid format at the Fulham Reach location near their home to stock up their fridge or replenish missing items. This unified, seamless experience over various touchpoints is one of the many ways to create the best shopping experience for customers with autonomous stores.

A multi-autonomous store deployment

The Fulham store is one of the three announced locations where Tesco will implement autonomous stores throughout the UK. The main feature driving these additional stores is based on one of Tesco’s core values: the customer is at the center. Tesco built upon its experience from previous stores to leverage computer vision technology in new ways and further improve the customer experience in these additional stores.

In this multi-store deployment, all the stores support the entire Tesco product line, including products such as frozen foods, newspapers and magazines, and the iconic Krispy Kreme donut stand that is featured in hundreds of Tesco stores. Additionally, Tesco introduced a new solution for Fulham and the other autonomous stores in this multi-store deployment –  customers scan the Tesco app at the exit gate when they finish shopping, instead of at both the entry and exit gates, which was the solution used thus far.

The momentum doesn’t end here; there are new ideas and projects in the works that will make the shopping experience even more seamless, faster and easier, for every type of customer. Together, we are working towards our mutually ambitious innovation goals to make autonomous stores more far-reaching and accessible to all.

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