The first 100% autonomous store in Germany

Product used
Live from
December 14, 2022
Karlstraße 36, 80333
Munich, Germany
Store type
100% autonomous
Supported product lines
Fresh produce
Weighted items
Newspapers & magazines
Frozen food
Deposit machine
Pre-packaged food
Promotion stands
Age-restricted items
Store size
3,100 square feet
The bar is rising around customer expectations, customers have less time, cost and effort are getting more important. Computer vision will be core of the future store. When we were ready to start with frictionless check-out it was clear that Trigo would be the first to talk to…we decided [on] Trigo because we really, we really believe in the team, we really believe in the solution, and we think it’s the most advanced solution at the moment.
Kai-Uwe Reimers, Head of Research and Innovation at REWE Digital
$30 billion

Annual revenue







Hello Munich

The bustling Maxvorstadt neighborhood is known as the cultural heart of Munich; it is home to multiple universities and academies such as the world-renowned Ludwigs-Maximilians University of Munich and Technical University (TUM), as well as the Kunstareal museum and art quarter in Munich’s city center.

Maxvorstadt is named after King Maximilian I of Bavaria, who ensured that his namesake neighborhood would reflect his royal status. Modern urban development and majestic architecture were infused into the neighborhood, creating a sophisticated atmosphere that makes it one of the most popular and beautiful neighborhoods in Munich.

A fully autonomous experience

The latest REWE Pick&Go location in Munich is ideal for REWE and Germany’s first-ever 100% autonomous store. Between the neighborhood’s population of students and young professionals and the store’s proximity to Munich’s central train station, this fully autonomous store will cater to the area’s many tech-savvy, on-the-go style shoppers.

The 100% autonomous REWE store in Munich marks two important milestones for REWE’s Pick&Go – expansion into a new region and deployment of a new format. Opening a fully autonomous store in a new and high-traffic area is a testament to REWE’s commitment to providing its customers with new ways to enjoy the best possible shopping experience by implementing the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Perfecting the retrofit

Building off the learnings and success from the Cologne and Berlin stores, the Munich store demonstrates how deploying new and innovative technologies becomes faster and more streamlined with experience. The strong foundation of communication and processes REWE and Trigo built together throughout this partnership has created a blueprint for opening additional stores. The Munich location was deployed in less than half the time of its two predecessor stores, while maintaining the high standards set by Trigo and REWE.

The experience gained from the previous stores also enabled Trigo and REWE to support REWE’s extensive and diverse product offerings in the Munich store. Some of REWE’s favorite offerings like the coffee or deposit machine were tested and perfected in the Berlin and Cologne stores, which also contributed to the Munich location’s fast deployment, as the solutions and processes to support these offerings were already in place.

REWE’s ambitious innovation goals don’t stop here – there are some big projects in the works to make the shopping experience even faster, easier, and more intuitive, with a focus on the needs and unique personality of its German shoppers.

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