Autonomous Shopping and Checkout

Transforming the shopping experience in any retail setting with Trigo's cutting-edge Frictionless Shopping and Checkout solution, powered by advanced Computer Vision AI. Our autonomous store capabilities cater to various segments of retail, including Grocery, Convenience Stores, Venues of all sorts, Drugstores, Apparel, and more…
Our technology enables customers to simply shop and grab their items and walk out, eliminating the need for traditional checkout processes.
Key features include:

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● Accurate, real-time tracking of shoppers' movements and product interactions
● Flexible payment options, including mobile wallets, cards, cash, or the retailer's app
● Highly customizable and scalable to accommodate retail spaces of all sizes and formats
● Efficient handling of high-volume transactions during peak periods
● Privacy-by-design approach, ensuring a secure shopping experience without collecting personally identifiable information