Rewe opens it's second Cologne autonomous store, largest to date

Product used
Live from
March 14, 2023
Luxemburger Straße 150, Cologne, Germany
Store type
Supported product lines
Fresh produce
Weighted items
Frozen food
Newspapers & magazines
Beer crates
Deposit machine
Pre-packaged food
Promotion stands
Age-restricted items
Store size
6,071 square feet
The bar is rising around customer expectations, customers have less time, cost and effort are getting more important. Computer vision will be the core of the future store. It changes the supermarket workflow by introducing frictionless checkout which solves the biggest customer pain point in the store: standing in line...
When we were ready to start with frictionless checkout it was clear that Trigo would be the first to talk to. We screened the market again, we talked to other retailers and in the end, we decided for Trigo because we really believe in the team, we really believe in the solution, and we think it’s the most advanced solution at the moment.
Kai-Uwe Reimes, Head of Research and Innovation, REWE digital
$30 billion

Annual revenue







Hello again, Cologne

REWE has opened its fourth Trigo-powered smart store in Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city. The economic and cultural capital of the Rhineland, Cologne is situated on the banks of the Rhine River and is an important trade center, boasting one of Germany’s largest inland harbors. 

A vibrant, liberal university town, Cologne is home to 16 universities and over 80,000 students. The city is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, with its charming Old Town that hosts one of the biggest annual Christmas fairs in Germany. The city is home to beautiful, expansive business and shopping districts lined with breweries, pubs, restaurants, and open-air spaces. The store is located in the upscale Sülz neighborhood, one of Cologne’s central commercial and residential neighborhoods, home to many families, students, and businesswomen and men who arrive daily at the many local office buildings. It is also home to the University of Cologne campus. The store is located opposite Uni-Center, Cologne’s 5th tallest building, on the busy Luxemburger street lined with cafes and boutiques. 

Designing the store of the future 

The launch of this latest installment represents a unique opportunity. A store marked for renovation, it was a chance for Trigo to participate in the redesign of REWE’s store of the future. This being our second store in Cologne, and our fourth overall with REWE, it was an opportunity to build on the experience and trust built between the teams and embark on a more ambitious project. At ~600 square meters, it is the largest format Trigo-powered store to date. In addition to its sheer scale, this store’s expansive product variety offered a new challenge: The new Cologne store features more products than all other REWE stores combined, including signature items such as coffee machines, scales, deposit machines, and a large variety of alcohol.

Despite its scale, this was one of our fastest-installed stores to date. It features our next-generation sensing infrastructure with high-resolution IP cameras delivering superior image quality. Located near REWE’s headquarters and outfitted with the infrastructure to support future product roadmap, it’s well-positioned for furthering retail innovation.  It is truly the store of tomorrow.

As always, data protection played a central role in developing and implementing the frictionless checkout system in our second Cologne store. Throughout our collaboration, REWE has worked closely with our development team to maintain the highest standards of privacy and security. 

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