Announcement: First Hybrid Checkout-free Netto Supermarket in Central Munich

Michael Gabay

Michael Gabay

Chief Executive Officer

16 December 2021

I am thrilled to announce the opening of the first Trigo-powered store with Netto, of the EDEKA group, in Munich, Germany. One of the staples of local and loyal grocery shoppers in the residential area of the Schwabing West neighborhood, this Netto City store will bring Trigo’s hybrid, checkout-free solution to the discount shopping experience. The neighborhood, filled with students studying at the prestigious universities nearby, makes it the ideal place to open a frictionless store.

The Schwabing West location is another classic example of a Trigo-powered retrofitted store. The choice to move forward with the hybrid, checkout-free format also speaks to Netto’s commitment to innovation and customer experience. The hybrid checkout-free format doesn’t interfere with the discount shopping experience that customers are familiar with – they can still checkout with a traditional cashier and buy in bulk or by the crate.

Discount grocery retailers, like Netto, are always striving for efficiency. Frictionless checkout is especially important for discounters because their shoppers tend to face longer queues because of larger basket sizes, pushing discounters to innovate more to make the shopping experience faster and more efficient. 

This is also true for German-based retailers as a whole, who, despite some of the world’s strictest personal privacy laws, are among the top countries adopting frictionless checkout tech. We are proud of Netto and our other German-based retail partners who are leading this front, pushing the boundaries, and pioneering in this space.

Our relationship with Netto has not only been a professional one, but also a personal one. As one of our first retail partners, they have believed in our vision from the start and are committed to working together to take our technology to new heights. Through our partnership, we have been able to test and develop new offerings for our retailers such as age-restricted items and bulk buying options. This is significant for us at Trigo, but also for the future of the category, as it will facilitate our entry into new markets and grow our funnel of different store sizes and formats.