Computer Vision AI for Retail Loss Prevention

Leveraging existing retail CCTV infrastructure, Trigo's best in class Computer Vision powered AI effectively optimizes mitigation of retail loss, detects theft, produces real time alerts, and minimizes overall shrink.

Our comprehensive products cover all pain points within the retail space (both front as well as back) and include:

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● Ability to identify shrink and theft anywhere in the store.
● Theft detection at Self-checkout, Manned till, and In-Aisle.
● Ability to focus on high-value or most stolen goods targeted by thieves
● Accurate detection of loss incidents, such as unscanned items, goods left in basket, "sweethearting," "scan-avoidance," and "pass-throughs"
● Real-time alerts, optionally coupled with video evidence, provide gentle "nudges" to remind customers to scan forgotten products or alert employees for further approval, enabling quick intervention and effective loss prevention.
● Detailed machine learning and analytics to identify existing and new patterns and trends in shrinkage
● Cutting edge Offline Investigation Tool which utilizes AI machine learning to produce actionable transaction data and video evidence for post-incident analysis