Trigo Partners with Europe’s Largest Grocers to Open Throughout Europe

Jenya Beilin

Chief Operations Officer

16 November 2021

Tesco, Aldi and Rewe Challenge Amazon with Trigo’s EasyOut™ seamless checkout Solution 

Europe’s biggest grocery retailers have gone live with autonomous stores with the Trigo EasyOut™ technology in central locations, in full operation and are currently open to the general public. 

These new stores allow customers to walk into the shop, select their items, and simply leave the store – without having to queue at the checkout lane or scan any items – in true ‘Trigo’ seamless style. 

Trigo’s solution is helping household grocery names across Europe compete effectively with Amazon Go’s model. 

The first of its kind, German discounter ALDI North –the largest grocery retailer in Europe and in the top 5 globally — with thousands of stores across Germany and Europe, trialed the Trigo solution at the beginning of October, preparing for what will be its first autonomous store in store in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retailer, launched its first autonomous facility – powered by Trigo – in its flagship cashless store, the Tesco Express, High Holborn in central London, for commuters on the go, to enjoy a speedy and efficient shopping experience.  

Germany’s giant grocery chain REWE opened  a hybrid cashier-less store in Cologne opened its doors to customers in October with a frictionless checkout facility for those in need of a speedy shopping experience. 

Whilst Amazon might have pioneered Just Walk Out technology, it is being challenged by European retailers who can retrofit thousands of existing stores relatively quickly and inexpensively using Trigo’s solution. 

Leaning on the reliability of the trustworthiness of established grocery brands such as Aldi, REWE and Tesco, together with the convenience of autonomous checkout – customers will be spoilt for choice while gaining a superior shopping experience.