REWE launches the first 100% autonomous store in Germany

Michael Gabay

Michael Gabay

Chief Executive Officer

19 December 2022

I am excited to announce that we are live with the latest Trigo-powered store with REWE in central Munich. This new REWE Pick&Go store is in the bustling Maxvorstadt neighborhood, which is also known as the cultural heart of Munich. This high-traffic area is only a few minutes’ walk from the city’s central train station, many museums, and galleries, and some of Germany’s top universities, making it a prime location for both REWE and Germany’s first-ever 100% autonomous store.

This store is a product of the close and long-standing partnership between REWE and Trigo, who, together, created effective and efficient processes over time that serve as a model for additional store expansion. Opening the first fully autonomous store in Germany makes a bold statement in the retail industry. REWE’s ambitious innovation goals and unwavering commitment to creating the best possible customer experience have made them true partners in building the future of retail. These strong partnerships and extensive expertise in successful autonomous store deployment will drive Trigo forward as we continue to expand our StoreOS® suite of solutions and accelerate multiple global initiatives.